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Optimizing your Firewall’s Health

Merely installing a firewall, won’t protect you

Your firewall needs to be properly configured

Cons of an ill-configured Firewall:

  • Numerous loopholes that let suspicious entrants penetrate your firewall

  • Your network is exposed to vulnerabilities

  • You will constantly fall prey to ever-increasing cyber threats

  • Risk of losing Valuable Data and Information

Why go for a Firewall Audit?

  • Comprehensive risk assessment to determine security risks, incorrect configurations, risky rules, etc.
  • An ever-changing threat landscape– Comprehensive 360° audit at regular intervals helps keep the firewall hardened
  • Audits ensure there are no misconfigurations – keeping customers safe

Firewall Audit: Our vigilant eyes are always at your service

Infrassist FWaaS offering is a comprehensive review of a customer's firewall and layer 3 device configuration utilisation and offline backup or read-only access, which provides the following benefits:

Comprehensive risk assessment to determine security risks, misconfigurations, licencing and user issues, surface attack area, performance issues and more

Combination of automated tools & manual checks

Audit of any firewall brand (e.g. Sophos, Fortigate, pFsense, Sonicwall etc)

Services output – Detailed Audit reports, report review, consulting & remediation

Firewall Audit: Our vigilant eyes are always at your service

Current configurations and policies reviewed
Categorize firewall risks into High, Medium or Low
Manually handcrafted rules and policies as per the industry best practices
Hardened Security
Meet regulatory compliances
Firewall is checked against 100+ checkpoints
Use of Automated tools
Manual checks

Platforms We Support


Infrassist’s experienced and certified network administrators help secure your firewall ensuring optimal health.

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