Professional Services

We help you, MSPs, build a secure, efficient and a Modern Workplace for your customers:

Microsoft 365

Build a modern workplace leveraging Microsoft 365


Digitize and Automate your everyday Operations

RMM Audit

Optimize your RMM by remediating risks

Firewall Audit

Protect yourself with well configured Firwewall

Support Services

Get access to dedicated or shared resources to look after your customer’s network


Expect seamless overflow and after-hours IT support


Get your queries resolved, no matter how big or small

IT Infrstructure Services

Add some extra pair of muscles to your existing IT Team and improve business outcomes: 

O365 Admin

“Use only what you need” – our O365 Admin says

Azure Admin

An engineer who will cater to all your Azure Needs

RMM Admin

Regular monitoring and maintenance of your RMM

Firewall Admin

A Firewall as secure as ever

Our Service Models

After having studied your IT Infrastructure along with your needs and requirements, we suggest the best possible solutions. You can then choose what works best and we proceed accordingly as per the below:

Adhoc Projects

These often have a fixed scope and timeline. You’re facing an issue; we rectify it and offer post-project support. Not a long-term association.

Prepaid IT Support Packages

If you want to test waters before getting into a full-fledged fixed hours service, you can opt for this plan. Again, associations as short as 50, 75 and 100 hours.

Part-time Resource

Again, something to test waters or because your needs are not high, you can have an engineer who works part time for you. 2 hours a day or 4 hours a day, depending on your needs.

Shared Resource

The engineer that works for you would be working on another project simultaneously as well. Your work won’t be hampered. We are great at management.

Dedicated Resource

Opting for a dedicated resource is like having a remote engineer work only for you and your team. Count them as a remote engineer of your team.

Platforms We Support

Are you looking for an extended arm to enhance your business more profitably?