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Want to install Sentinel One to your Windows?  

Here is the command to install Sentinel One in your system. The script will run and install it silently. You can modify the script syntax as per your need


 $path = “C:\Ncentral\” 

If(!(test-path $path)) 


      New-Item -ItemType Directory -Force -Path $path} 


New-PSDrive -Name source –PSProvider FileSystem -Root \\nas01\Seedloads\SentinelOne | Out-Null 

New-PSDrive -Name target –PSProvider FileSystem -Root \\Localhost\C$\ncentral | Out-Null 

Copy-Item -Path source:\SentinelAgent-Windows-V3-6-6-104_windows_v3_6_6_104.exe -Destination target: 

Remove-PSDrive source 

Remove-PSDrive target 

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Purpose: This script will enable you to Install Sentinel One silently on your Windows 10 Machine by replacing the token key with your organizations’ API token key
Modification:Replace Path and token key with your product identity to install it without any issue
Type:PowerShell Script (ps1)
Reference link: