Hands Down the 5 Best Azure Security Practices in 2023

Cloud computing has revolutionized how any business entity operates its network security management. Before cloud computing, network security best practices for most internet-based businesses used on-site network security management. Here, on-site network security management means managing all the vital business data and software on hard disks and physical servers. Due to this, the scalability of any business was challenging, and the data were immune to corruption over time. Thus comes Azure, a Microsoft cloud computing platform that enables hundreds and thousands of businesses to store and protect their valuable data on cloud servers.

Although you have already embedded cloud computing in your business, you must stay up-to-date due to its constantly evolving nature. In this blog, we will learn more about Azure security centers, the best internet security practices, and the 5 best Azure Security practices in 2023.

Azure Security: An Overview of One of the best Internet Security Groups

Since the beginning of computing, the risk of data theft and loss has been giving headaches to even the best internet-based companies. Businesses have kept their data and software on physical servers to tackle such issues. As physical servers consume a lot of space and other resources, the urge to create better, if not the best, internet security arises. And that leads to Microsoft creating a world-class network security infrastructure, now known as Azure network security group.

Launched on Feb 1, 2010, Azure is a cloud computing infrastructure that allows companies to use Microsoft cloud computing services and resources. With Azure, one can store and access their company’s data from anywhere. You only need a stable internet connection and admin permission to access the uploaded data on the Azure network security group portal.

Highlights of Azure Network Security Group

● Ever since its inception, around 80% of all the top 500 fortune companies have embedded this cloud computing solution into their business to keep their data safe and running.

● This cloud computing solution provides computer programming language support for languages like JAVA, C#, and Node Js.

● Due to umpteen Azure security centers worldwide, its servers are mostly in working condition and ensure companies keep track of their data at any time of the day. 

5 Best Azure Security Practices in 2023

When it comes to Azure cloud computing, one must have a solid plan containing a set of principles to ensure that one gets the most out of this world-class cloud computing infrastructure. In this section, we will learn about some of the best Azure security practices in 2023 that you can follow to keep your data safe and up-to-date.

1) Make Use of Azure PAW

When you use your workstation to access files on cloud computing platforms like Azure, you should limit everything else you do on the system. As browsing over the internet can lead to malware, you should ensure that you have 2 separate workstations for casual browsing. You can also use Azure Privileges Access Workstations (PAW) to ensure your system remains free from any virus attack.

2) Strengthen Your Password 

Even the simplest internet safety tricks can contribute to keeping your data safe and secure. Even with an additional layer of Azure security, you should be concerned about not keeping easy-to-guess passwords. Keep changing your Azure network security password regularly and add multi-factor authentication to be safer. With Azure network security directory service, aka Azure Active Directory, you can secure your data with multi-factor authentication data.

3) Azure AD for Access Control

The top-notch cloud computing network also has this fantastic tool, Azure Ad, which you can use to categorically gives access to your employees based on their roles. By doing so, you can ensure that only some people with access to Azure can see all the confidential data.

4) Regularly Check Activity Logs

The best way to detect any issue with your Azure security network system is to check the activity log daily. Doing so ensures that any task that is not meant to happen doesn’t create more significant issues in your system. You must enable activity log alerts and check against any security issues for better security.

5) Keep Your Keys Protected

You can use Azure Key Vault service to keep all your confidential data, like encryption keys and other information, in one place. Use Azure Key Vault to safely store the project’s database and limit the access of Azure Key Vault to ensure that authorized people can only access it.


Recently, multiple cloud computing has lured many businesses to keep their data on more than 2 cloud systems. You should also analyze the needs of your business and see for yourself if keeping data on 2 different servers is worth it or not. The aforementioned practices are the 5 best Azure Security Practices in 2023 to keep your network safe and sound. That being said, you should only partially rely on these tips and tricks to protect your data. Always explore more and implement the best internet security for your business.