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A feature is descriptive, but a benefit is emotional.

A group of young, enthusiastic, and likeminded individuals believed in this adage and wanted to deliver some core benefits rather than some boring features to their clients.

Being ex-colleagues of a network security product vendor and knowing each other for quite some time, they knew not only each other’s strengths well but also how a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) works.

It was year of 2015 when camaraderie between them showed up and each of them with an experience in network security and a penchant for delivering high class managed security solutions, decided to incept a firm that addresses key pain areas and challenges of MSPs/MSSPs.

Having a couple of years long experience in the industry, they talked to a lot many MSP’s and MSSP’s to figure the roadblocks that stops them achieving the humongous results. They drilled down two critical challenges to create a foundation of an organization that help MSPs address them:
1. Finding and maintaining the right security talent (Skill Gap)
2. Offloading their routine tasks which otherwise kept them occupied

These, then became the focal point for our offerings and base of the establishment of Infrassist Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Since 2015, we are offering our clients 24*7 support services on some wide array of products and technologies. As of today, we have a presence in 12 different countries, providing 24/7/365 seamless support to 75 MSP’s and/or MSSP’s.

That is how Infrassist became an MSP for an MSP!


Be the one-stop service provider backed by an experienced Management and excellent Technical expertise for Global MSPs.


To provide our MSP customers deliver robust and reliable Infrastructure
management and security services. To deliver service excellence with Integrity leading to predictable outcomes. To build a team with passion, commitment and relentless customer focus.

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