change sharepoint site url

Change SharePoint site URL from the initial domain to a different domain with a PowerShell Script

So here’s the scenario. One of our UK Based MSP partners had signed up with an end customer who had an M365 tenant […]

nutanix vm

How to increase Disk Space in Nutanix VM

We recently got a request from one of our MSP Clients where he asked us to increase the Disk size for the C […]

Clients for your MSP Business

How to get the right clients for your MSP Business, right now

Being MSPs you may have multiple clients across various industries. Some around hospitality, some around finance, some around real estate, educational field etc. […]

RMM Admin

Here’s why you need an RMM Admin to make life easy

Perks of outsourcing an RMM Admin  These are times that we see many jobs getting scarce, many going back to working from the […]

How to configure Azure Site Recovery for Hyper-V on-premises to Azure

Before we delve into this, we’d like to give you a brief on what Azure Site Recovery is. Being in the IT Services […]

Connectwise Automate

ConnectWise Automate: Show details of Devices that are more than 4 years old

This solution is related to ConnectWise Automate. One of our MSP clients had this requirement where he wanted to remove devices from his […]

Wbadmin.msc fatal error

Getting fatal error while loading Wbadmin.msc snap-in

You get this message if your desktop repository has failed. Especially when even if you have a Windows Server Backup role installed, it […]

MDM Authority

How to Enable MDM Authority instead of Microsoft 365 Authority

Being an IT Admin, you must set MDM Authority prior to enrolling any devices for management. But if you are a tenant using […]

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI: Read this simple explanation

Power BI is like that classmate of yours, who easily understands complex concepts which no one can understand but can teach it to […]

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