dlp prevent external sharing of Teams Recording

Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Block External Sharing of Teams Recordings

Surely people are gradually getting back to their offices and meetings have started to take place in person. Just imagine, during the lockdown […]

Sophos SSL VPN – Save Password

Sophos SSL VPN is a VPN software that establishes a highly encrypted and secure tunnel for remote workers to connect to. The end-to-end […]

Revamped Infrassist

A New and Revamped Infrassist

Who doesn’t like change? Who doesn’t like scaling?  A revamp, a tweak is always a good idea, isn’t it?   We are elated, we […]

n-central heartbeat expired

N-Central N-able Take Control Heartbeat expired

If you are using N-central as your RMM Tool and the tool is working fine, read further if the take control heartbeat has […]

How to Change Username in AD and O365 without deleting the Profile

Read to know how you can change username in AD and O365 without having to delete the profile of the user. Connect to […]

ConnectWise Automate- Display C-drive utilization only in Executive Summary Report

Connectwise Automate -Executive Summary Report   If you’re using ConnectWise Automate RMM, and you want to change display C-drive utilization in the Executive Summary […]

Re-install N-Central agent without any reconfiguration

Sometimes the N-central Agent gets corrupted, or the agent does not update after the N-central upgrade. This blog will teach you how you […]

Microsoft: Go Passwordless

This Wednesday, Microsoft announced that it will let you go passwordless on its MSAs (Microsoft Accounts) now. Another one of the major moves […]

Linux Server- Backup Directories & Files

Linux Servers are one of the most flexible and safe servers providing high-end security. Many admins and developers use Linux Servers to keep […]

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