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Ease your automation process with these ready-to-use scripts. These Scripts would enable you to create and share components that can be executed across multiple devices at once.

What is Automation?

When you don’t want to waste your valuable resources by addressing the same mundane tasks repeatedly, scripting should be your choice.

This Script Hub page was created for you to be your one-stop-shop to find a set of scripts that could help you

Save Time

Increase Productivity

Reduce Manhours on repeated tasks

Execute Once. Implement in all

Name Purpose Type Download
Get DKIM/DMARC/SPF records for Microsoft CSP client’s tenants The purpose of this script is to check whether DKIM/DMARC/SPF records are created for each of the tenant's verified domains PowerShell Script (ps1) Download
Automate Outlook User Profile Creation This script automates the process of profile creation in Outlook PowerShell Script (ps1) Download
Altaro ‘Backup Failed’ Notification Receive failed backup email notifications without logging in to Altaro Backup Console PowerShell Script (ps1) Download
Bulk User creation in Active Directory This script can be easily modified as per the parameters you have defined PowerShell Script (ps1) Download
Want to install Sentinel One to your Windows?    This script will enable you to Install Sentinel One silently on your Windows 10 Machine by replacing the token key with your organizations’ API token key PowerShell Script (ps1) Download
Upgrade your Current Windows Build to the Latest This script would help silently upgrade your existing Windows 10 Build to the latest. The benefit of a silent installation is that you do not have to click on any button in the installation wizard PowerShell Script (ps1) Download
Application Installation This script will help to download any web application and install it in your system. All you need to do is edit the application name and the applications’ source URL and it will get installed silently on your Windows Machine. One of the benefits of installing it silently, is that you do not have to click on next>next>next on the installation wizard PowerShell Script (ps1) Download
Disk Drive Cleanup using PowerShell This script will help your free up space in your C-drive. It will delete Windows temp files, Software Distribution folder, users’ temp folder, IIS logs and empty the recycle bin folder. Logs will be saved to the path defined in the script PowerShell Script (ps1)  Download
Delete Unwanted Windows Users’ Profile from the System Administrator can delete windows user profiles that are older than X number of Days. Days can be modified in the script as per need, deleted logs would be saved under the path defined in the script PowerShell Script (ps1)   Download
Log Off Windows Users that are Logged In This script will help you in signing out users that had signed in earlier but have not been accessing the system since X number of days/time period. Signing out or logging off these users from the system would help in carrying out your tasks without any bottlenecks.  PowerShell Script (ps1)  Download


Our intention is to make our Script Hub a one-stop destination for you to find various Scripts. Our Scripts are a culmination of scripts and syntaxes we have gathered from various sources over the Internet. Although all the scripts uploaded on our website have been tried and tested by our team of engineers, we do not guarantee a seamless execution. Some scripts might work well for one and not for another. We also suggest you run a scan before executing this in your system.