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Best RMM Audit Services for MSPs

Streamline Your IT Operations with Our thorough RMM
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Is your RMM team struggling with multiple tasks?

Implementing the tool in your system is one thing and managing it is different. An RMM Tool is supposed to make things easy for you rather than increasing your workload. If you have invested in a tool to increase efficiency then it should provide you what it promises. RMM Tools are designed to ease your work but often it can seem intimidating. Figuring out the tool and aligning it with individual customer requirements can take up a lot of your technicians’ valuable time. The reason for this could be that your RMM tool is not optimized

  • Employee productivity is at a decline
  • The simplest of tasks are taking most of your technicians’ time and attention
  • Extracting information is proving difficult
  • You are resolving the same problems repeatedly
  • The number of pending tasks is diverting your focus
  • The tool is eating up your resources

RMM Audit

RMM Audit and Optimization to unleash the power of RMM Tools!

Let's get your RMM tools fully optimized and take your RMM services to the next level with our auditing services!


RMM Server Setup

Review of existing server configuration, backups, licenses and usage


Custom dashboards

The effectiveness and the utility of the current dashboard would be reviewed


Active Issues and alerts

Analyze active alerts and categorize based on type of issue. Review configurations to minimize noise


RMM PSA Integration

Check feasibility of integrations with PSA, Ticketing System or third-Party solutions. e.g. Backup Solutions


Report Manager Server

Configuration for Report Server Manager will be reviewed


Scripting and Automation

Existing scripts and automation policies will be reviewed


On-boarding process

Evaluate the existing on-boarding process of new clients.


Backup Management

Review the effectiveness of current backup products and integration


Antivirus and Security Management

Effectiveness of the current anti-virus software will be scrutinized. The antivirus rules configured for clients will be reviewed


RMM Server Security

Security Implementation at server level will be reviewed. Configuration of SSL Certificates and MFA will be scrutinized along with existing Anti-Virus software. Degree of protection will be checked


Patch Management

Review of patching rules for clients would be done. Efficient patch management that is policy-based. This would help maximize security and help minimize downtime. A full-fledged security check will be done to maximize protection Current patch management issues would be investigated

RMM Audit

80% of the RMMs are not audited correctly

We are vendor agnostic and can help you configure and fine-tune your RMM Tool as per best practices, or if you already have an RMM Tool but all you need is an expert who can handle the work, Infrassist is there for you.Infrassists’ RMM experts can optimize your RMM tool irrespective of the vendor. Not only can you can add more value to your clients by optimizing the tool but also increase your revenue.

Our Story

Helping MSPs with RMM Audit process and providing reliable + realtime solutions

We can help you get your existing RMM tool configured and provide customized solutions based on your company profile so that you can carry out your business like normal, without any hindrances.

  • Auditing

    We audit your RMM tool and provide actionable recommendations

  •  Solutions

    The issues that were found in the audit, will be remediated


Post-Audit Support

After the audit is done, if the MSP require us to implement the changes and suggestions as mentioned in the report we can go ahead with the project. We also have a team that can help write scripts through which jobs can be automated and false positives are reduced.

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The Benefits of Partnering with Us

We streamline, manage, and administrate remote devices enabling MSPs to manage IT needs remotely and proactively monitor client endpoints, networks, and computers – on their own terms – simply, efficiently, and from anywhere.



Certified engineers and technical consultants with top-notch RMM expertise to handle all your clients’ needs.

Round the clock service support


Round-the-clock service support for all maintenance needs.

Extended support


Extended support to your customers as an MSP so that your engineers spend more time on ground to push up the bottom line


ISO27001 Certified

We are ISO27001 accredited so you can absolutely rely on us for your clients’ data



We have worked with 100+ MSPs giving us broad experience in streamlining operations.


Multiple RMM Tools

We have exposure to various RMMs like Connectwise, Nable, Datto, NinjaOne, etc


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the best lowest in technology

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Most common question
about our services

An RMM audit is a review of an MSP's remote monitoring and management tools and processes to ensure they are functioning optimally and providing the intended benefits. It is important for MSPs to conduct regular audits to identify and address any inefficiencies or areas for improvement in their RMM systems.

An RMM audit is a more in-depth and comprehensive evaluation of your MSP's RMM tools and processes. While a regular review may focus on general system performance and troubleshooting, an RMM audit delves deeper into the specifics of how the RMM is being used, how it can be optimized, and what areas may need improvement.

An RMM audit typically includes a review of your MSP's RMM configuration and setup, an analysis of your MSP's data, an assessment of your MSP's processes and procedures, and recommendations for any optimizations or improvements.

The duration of an RMM audit can vary depending on the complexity of your MSP's RMM systems and the scope of the audit. However, most RMM audits can be completed within a few days to a week.

The cost of an RMM audit can also vary depending on the scope of the audit and the qualifications of the auditing team. MSPs should expect to pay a few thousand dollars for a comprehensive RMM audit, but the investment can be well worth it in terms of increased efficiency and cost savings in the long run.


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