AD Group Changes

Once you run this PowerShell Script, it’ll give you an output where it shows the users that have been created and the user accounts that have been deleted.


#monitor AD group membership changes with PowerShell

# Get domain controllers list
$DCs = Get-ADDomainController -Filter *

# Define timeframe for report (default is 1 day)
$startDate = (get-date).AddDays(-1)

# Store group membership changes events from the security event logs in an array.
foreach ($DC in $DCs){
$events = Get-Eventlog -LogName Security -ComputerName $DC.Hostname -after $startDate | where {$_.eventID -eq 4728 -or $_.eventID -eq 4729}}
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Purpose:Check AD group membership changes and give output on users added and deleted
Type:PowerShell (.ps1)
Compatibility:Run with PowerShell
Tags:AD, Active Directory,
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