Firewall Audit

Merely installing a firewall, won’t protect you.
Your firewall needs to be properly configured

Cons of an ill-configured Firewall

firewall audit

Loopholes that let suspicious entrants penetrate your firewall

Your network is exposed to vulnerabilities

You will constantly fall prey to ever-increasing cyber threats

Risk of losing Valuable Data and Information

Why go for a Firewall Audit?

  • Comprehensive risk assessment to determine security risks, incorrect configurations, risky rules, etc.
  • An ever-changing threat landscape– Comprehensive 360° audit at regular intervals helps keep the firewall hardened
  • Audits ensure there are no misconfigurations – keeping customers safe
Infrassist FWaaS offering is a comprehensive review of a customer’s firewall and layer 3 device configuration utilisation and offline backup or read-only access, which provides the following benefits:
Comprehensive risk assessment to determine security risks, misconfigurations, licencing and user issues, surface attack area, performance issues and more

Combination of automated tools & manual checks

Browser stats-bro
Audit of any firewall brand (e.g. Sophos, Fortigate, pFsense, Sonicwall etc)

Services output – Detailed Audit reports, report review, consulting & remediation

Firewall Audit: Our vigilant eyes are always at your service

  • Current configurations and policies reviewed
  • Risk-analysis
  • Categorize firewall risks into High, Medium or Low
  • Manually handcrafted rules and policies as per the industry best practices
  • Hardened Security
  • Meet regulatory compliances
  • Firewall is checked against 100+ checkpoints
  • Use of Automated tools
  • Manual checks

Platforms We Support

Infrassist’s experienced and certified network administrators help secure your firewall ensuring optimal health.

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