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Best Firewall Audit Services for MSPs

Guaranteeing Rock-solid Firewall Protection
for Your Clients with Our Auditing Services

Cons of an in-apt Firewall

Unattended Loopholes

Loopholes that let suspicious entrants penetrate your firewall

Unprotected Networks

Your network is exposed to vulnerabilities

Cyber Security Threats

You will constantly fall prey to ever-increasing cyber threats

Loss of Data

Risk of losing Valuable Data and Information

Enhancing your Network Security

Why Should You Opt for a Firewall Audit?

A firewall audit ensures the effectiveness of the firewall in protecting the network from cyber threats and identifies vulnerabilities that need to be addressed to improve security. By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, Infrassist can help protect against cyber attacks and provide peace of mind that sensitive data is secure. A firewall audit from Infrassist can help organizations improve their network security and ensure that their firewall is working effectively.

  • Comprehensive risk assessment to determine security risks, incorrect configurations, risky rules, etc.
  • An ever-changing threat landscape– Comprehensive 360° audit at regular intervals helps keep the firewall hardened
  • Audits ensure there are no misconfigurations – keeping customers safe
Firewall Audit

Firewall Audit and Remediation to Build Strong Defense for Your Clients' Network Infrastructure


Define Objectives

The first step is to define the objectives of the firewall audit, including the scope of the audit, the specific goals of the audit, and the methodology that will be used.


Gather Information

The auditor will gather information about the firewall being audited, including its configuration, policies, and rules. This may involve reviewing documentation, interviewing IT staff, and analyzing network traffic.


Analyze Firewall Configuration

The auditor will analyze the firewall configuration to ensure that it is set up correctly, including checking that the firewall is up to date and that there are no unnecessary or unused rules.


Analyze Firewall Policies

The auditor will analyze the firewall policies to ensure that they are effective and in compliance with any applicable regulations or standards. This may involve reviewing logs to see if any unauthorized access attempts were made.


Analyze Firewall Rules

The auditor will analyze the firewall rules to ensure that they are properly configured and provide adequate protection for the network. This may involve identifying any rules that are redundant or ineffective.


Conduct Vulnerability Assessment

The auditor will perform a vulnerability assessment to identify any weaknesses in the firewall, including any vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker.


Report Findings

The auditor will compile a report of their findings, including any issues that were identified during the audit and recommendations for addressing those issues.


Provide Recommendations

The auditor will provide recommendations for addressing any issues that were identified during the audit, including any necessary changes to the firewall configuration or policies.


Why Go for a Firewall Audit?

Infrassist FWaaS offering is a comprehensive review of a customer’s firewall and layer 3 device configuration utilization and offline backup or read-only access, which provides the following benefits:


Comprehensive risk assessment to determine security risks, misconfigurations, licencing and user issues, surface attack area, performance issues and more


Combination of automated tools & manual checks


Audit of any firewall brand (e.g. Sophos, Fortigate, pFsense, Sonicwall etc)


Services output – Detailed Audit reports, report review, consulting & remediation

Customer satisfaction

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Customers worldwide

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Firewall Audit Comprises:

  • Infrassist

    Current Configurations and Policies Reviewed

  • Infrassist


  • Infrassist

    Categorizing Firewall Risks into High, Medium or Low

  • Infrassist

    Manually Hndcrafted Rules and Policies as Per the Industry Best Practices

  • Infrassist

    Meet Regulatory Compliances

  • Infrassist

    Hardened Security

  • Infrassist

    Firewall is Checked Against 100+ Checkpoints

  • Infrassist

    Use of Automated tools

  • Infrassist

    Manual Checks


Our Experience Across Multiple RMM Platforms


Frequently Asked Questions

Security keyword hardening requirements refer to the process of implementing strict security measures to strengthen the overall security of an IT system. These measures include implementing strong passwords, enabling firewalls, encrypting data, and updating software regularly. The purpose of security keyword hardening is to reduce the potential risks of cyber-attacks, such as data breaches and malware infections. It is important to regularly assess and update security keyword hardening requirements to ensure that the system is always up to date with the latest security threats and vulnerabilities.

Risk assessment on firewall rules is the process of evaluating the potential security risks associated with allowing or denying specific traffic through a firewall. It involves analyzing the potential impact of various threats and vulnerabilities, and determining the likelihood of those risks materializing. This analysis helps organizations identify potential security gaps and take steps to reduce their exposure to cyber threats. By assessing firewall rules, security professionals can ensure that the organization's network is adequately protected against external and internal threats. It is an essential step in designing and implementing a robust and effective firewall security strategy.

A firewall security audit is a process of evaluating and assessing the effectiveness of a firewall system in protecting an organization's network infrastructure from potential security threats. It involves a thorough examination of firewall rules, policies, configurations, and procedures to ensure that they are aligned with the organization's security objectives, regulatory compliance requirements, and best practices. The audit may include vulnerability scans, penetration testing, and analysis of network traffic to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks. The results of the audit provide recommendations for improving the firewall's security posture and reducing the risk of cyber-attacks.

Do You Need a Thorough Firewall Audit for Your MSP?

We've got your back. Let's strengthen your firewalls and make your client's network security top-notch!


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