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Best RMM Admin Services for MSPs

Powerful remote management, flexible automation, and best-in-class security for MSPs


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We adapt our delivery to the way your work, whether as an external provider.

We provide remote monitoring and management admin services such that help MSPs expand their service offerings and increase customer satisfaction. Our team of expert RMM administrators can remotely monitor your users’ workstations and detect issues in real-time before they cause crises or critical system failure. With our RMM admin services, MSPs like yours can free up your resources and focus on the other business outcomes.

Here is how we can help you:

  • Ensure best practices for RMM configuration and using it at its full potential
  • Alert noise-reduction
  • Explore possibilities of automation & self-healing implementation
  • Maintain Patch & AV compliance over 90%
  • Identify applications that could possibly be integrated within RMM e.g., Backups or PSA.
  • Work towards Zero Trust Implementation e.g., Application Blocking (White/Blacklist), Block non-standard ports.
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RMM Admin Services to Streamline Your IT Operations

Maximize your efficiency by focusing on your core tasks and leave your RMM operations to us!

  • The onboarding process for a new client as a location-based IT infrastructure resource monitoring for the server, network devices, software
  • Reviewing and configuring Monitoring alert with appropriate alert templates of potential
    issues/vulnerabilities that need addressing
  • Configure custom monitor as per the requirement that RMM tools can support with the appropriate
    subject line and message details for success and failure based on the alert threshold.
  • Configure email template and schedule for Report for client devices health, Filtering data, and
    event logs for analysis.
  • Monitoring device and network performance based on WMI and SNMP monitoring for connectivity, CPU usage, blacklist software, blacklist process list configurations, Memory usage, hard disk
    bad block, hard disk space issue alert, temperature, system online uptime, system offline alert
  • Monitoring system core services like messaging, database, port, server role alert.
  • Patch management for workstations and server operating system by creating a custom group,
    patch policy, reboot policy, patch approval policy as per the Microsoft standard best practice.
  • Schedule automated tasks (script) for maintenance/patching.
  • Update the plugin and solutions that are integrated with RMM tools like backup solutions, Antivirus, and other third-party plugins.
  • Patching and upgrading for RMM tools as per the standard patch release.
  • Contact RMM support by creating a support ticket or online chat and resolved the issue as per
  • Create/Customize Client Reports.
  • Use default scripts to auto-fix issues & Create Custom Scripts, as required

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Patch Success Ratio

We strive to keep a high patch success ratio while we manually fix patches that don’t get pushed automatically.

Outsource your RMM Services and Reduce your IT Expense

We focus on reducing the manual tech hours by leveraging all our experience and knowledge in automating various tasks and like to do the same for you. Having our experts on board, you need not worry about automating rudimentary tasks.

We also deliver a patch management process to the MSPs that help them implement, test, and install multiple patches on existing applications, software, and tools while ensuring that the systems are updated on existing patches and determining which patches are the most appropriate.

Our team of expert RMM administrators delivers simple and quick remote scheduling solutions to implement patch installation of the latest patches on multiple windows.

RMM Audit and Remediation

We provide remote auditing to streamline and maintain client infrastructure that enables operations 24*7*365.


  • With our RMM audit service, we perform more than 100 checks and enlist the issue in the RMM setup.
  • Our experts will provide customized solutions based on your needs so that you can carry out your business like normal, without any hindrances.
  • We will investigate your current configurations and fine-tune & optimize them for improved and efficient functionality.

Why Trust Us?

The Benefits of Partnering with Us

We streamline, manage, and administrate remote devices enabling MSPs to manage IT needs remotely and proactively monitor client endpoints, networks, and computers – on their own terms – simply, efficiently, and from anywhere.



Certified engineers and technical consultants with top-notch RMM expertise to handle all your clients’ needs.

Round the clock service support


Round-the-clock service support for all maintenance needs.

Extended support


Extended support to your customers as an MSP so that your engineers spend more time on ground to push up the bottom line

integration (1)


Fixed time projects for 3rd-party application integration within RMM



Handling complex script requirements and offering automation

cost efficient custom plans

Custom Plans

We provide cost-efficient custom plans for your unique needs


Our Experience Across Multiple RMM Platforms


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