RMM Admin

A dedicated certified offshore resource that continuously works on your RMM to ensure its optimal use at a fairly cost-effective pricing-

Careful! Our Proactiveness can be addictive!

No Joke!
Once you partner with us there are chances that you’ll get used to this proactiveness. Don’t worry, it is our responsibility to give you the best RMM engineer working with you to manage your customer’s IT.

We don’t simply monitor and troubleshoot, we consult and guide too.

Issues get remediated even before they arise, patches get updated as per best practices and there’s a lot more which you’ll find as you scroll.

Why hire/outsource an RMM Admin?

No need to hire an employee

No need to train an employee

Platform Agnostic

No Learning Curve for You

Cost Savings

Time Savings

No matter which platform you use, we are Vendor Agnostic. That makes us flexible with your tool irrespective of the brand. Our Team has experience working on NinjaOne, ConnectWise Automate, Datto, Kaseya, Atera, N-able etc.

We want nothing but the best for our MSP Partners. Seeing your customers happy and seeing you scale, makes us the happiest> I think this looks unnecessaryA

What your Infrassist RMM Admin Can Do for You?

Onboarding new clients

Manage and configure alerts

Patch Management

Monitoring system core services

Schedule Reports

Schedule Automate Tasks

Create/Customize Client Reports

Vendor Liaison

Patch and Upgrade for RMM tools

Scripting & Automation

Monitoring device and network performance

Scripting & Automation

Platforms We Support

Leave the health and security of your and your client’s network in our expert hands.

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