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Enable/Disable MFA for Users

This PowerShell Script will help you enable or disable MFA in Office 365 for a single user and multiple users


# connect MSOL Services
#Get MFA Detail of all users
Get-MsolUser -All | select DisplayName,BlockCredential,UserPrincipalName,@{N=”MFA Status”; E={ if( $_.StrongAuthenticationRequirements.State -ne $null){ $_.StrongAuthenticationRequirements.State} else { “Disabled”}}}

#Enable MFA for Single users
$mf= New-Object -TypeName Microsoft.Online.Administration.StrongAuthenticationRequirement
$mf.RelyingParty = “*”
$mfa = @($mf)

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Purpose:Enable or disable MFA in O365 for a single user and multiple
Type:PowerShell (.ps1)
Compatibility:Run with PowerShell
Tags:MFA, O365, M365, Microsoft
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