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How to increase Disk Space in Nutanix VM

We recently got a request from one of our MSP Clients where he asked us to increase the Disk size for the C Drive on Nutanix. Their disk space got full and we could not reduce it any more than we had.

The challenge was to increase the disk space irrespective of all of that.

What is Nutanix?

Nutanix helps accelerate business across public and private clouds. It helps simplify the complexity present in the cloud with its software-defined multi-cloud platform. Along with cloud management, it also offers database services and desktop services.

The thing we check first is Disk Management to check there any unallocated space is there or not.

Unfortunately, there was no unallocated space was there, so we need to increase it from the host.

Login to the Nutanix VM host:-

After login Screen

Then Select VM from the top-left drop-down.

Then select the VM. I would prefer to search it from the search box.

Then you will have the option to Update the VM as shown in the below image

Scroll down and you will have the Disk option.

You can confirm the Disk group from the disk management which needs to be updated.

In our case, we needed to update the Disk scsi.0 where my system Drive C is located.

Update the required size here. We wanted to increase it to 200 GB

After that go to the Disk Management you will see the added space to the unallocated space.

Right-click on the Drive C > Extend Volume > add the size


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