Our Story

Every Business Story originates from two main characters, “Demand” and “Supply”.

Infrassist was found after noticing one such “demand” – the scarcity of service providers for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and the supplier needed was someone like us that helps them grow their business by leveraging technology and people.

A group of young, enthusiastic, experienced and like-minded individuals identified this gap and wanted to bridge it. Infrassist has invested heavily in People, Technology and Processes and was established to empower MSPs and create a supply for this hidden demand which would aid their growth.

Our mission is to leverage and master technology and human talent for the growth of our clients. With us as their ally, MSPs can scale up their offerings and also focus on expanding their clientele. We act as a catalyst and provide next-generation services and processes that help MSPs optimize, automate and scale their business.
Year of Establishment
40 +
Technology Experts
60 +
MSPs Served
10 +
25 K+


Be the one-stop service provider backed by skilled and experienced Management and excellent Technical expertise for Global MSPs.


To provide our MSP customers and deliver most robust and reliable infrastructure management and security services. To deliver service excellence with Integrity leading to predictable outcomes. To build a team with passion, commitment and relentless customer focus.

infrassist story

Our Timeline

Our Team

Nirav Shah

Director- Technical

Devang Mehta

Director- Operations

Alkesh Soneji

Director- Sales

Srijan Nandi

Director- Projects

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