Upgrade your Current Windows Build to the Latest

Not running on the latest Windows version? This script would help you upgrade your Windows Systems to the latest build


$MountedISO=Mount-DiskImage –PassThru “C:\Test\Windows.ISO” 

$DRVLetter = Get-Volume –DiskImage $MountedISO 

$upgrade = $DRVLetter.DriveLetter+“:.\setup.exe 

$switches = “/auto upgrade /migratedrivers all /ShowOOBE none /Compat IgnoreWarning /Telemetry Disable” 


Start-Process $upgrade $switches 

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Purpose:This script would help silently upgrade your existing Windows 10 Build to the latest. The benefit of a silent installation is that you do not have to click on any button in the installation wizard
Modification:The Organization can replace windows ISO file build version according to their requirement. You can disable/enable use UI, Online update disable/enable language selection etc
Type:PowerShell Script (ps1)
Reference link:

How to Silently Deploy Windows 10 1903 Update Assitant? from sysadmin