E-mail notification when new user gets added (Script 1) – PowerShell Script

This is part 1 of a two-part Script. The email ID you mention will get an email every time a new user gets added to the domain.


$EventId = 4720

$A = Get-WinEvent -MaxEvents 1 -FilterHashTable @{Logname = “Security” ; ID = $EventId}
$Message = $A.Message
$EventID = $A.Id
$MachineName = $A.MachineName
$Source = $A.ProviderName

$MyEmail = “XYZ@gmail.com” ##Sender email id
$MyPass = Get-Content “C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\password.txt”| ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText -Force ##filepath of sender email account password

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EventID: 4720
Message: A computer account was created.

Security ID:
Account Name:
Account Domain:
Logon ID:

New Account:
Security ID:
Account Name:
Account Domain:

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Purpose:By running this script you'll get an email notification everytime a user account gets created in the domain
Modification:Add SMTP, Email ID
Type:PowerShell (.ps1)
Compatibility:Run with PowerShell
Tags:Notification, E-mail, New Device, New user
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