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Bulk User creation in Active Directory

There will come a time when you have to create numerous user profiles in an Active Directory. Your organization has all data stored in a .csv file and you want to import it to the AD; instead of manually typing each data, this script can help you create the data in your on-premises AD, at once


#Enter a path to your import CSV file 

$ADUsers = Import-csv C:\IT\user.csv 



foreach ($User in $ADUsers) 



       $Username    = $User.username 

       $Password    = $User.password 

       $Firstname   = $User.firstname 

       $Lastname    = $User.lastname 

    $email = $User.email 

       $OU           = $User.ou 


       #Check if the user account already exists in AD 

       if (Get-ADUser -F {SamAccountName -eq $Username}) 


               #If user does exist, output a warning message 

               Write-Warning “A user account $Username has already exist in Active Directory.” 



Download Full Script

Purpose:This script can be easily modified as per the parameters you have defined
Type:PowerShell Script (ps1)
Reference link:

Create Bulk Users in Active Directory (Step-By-Step Guide)