ConnectWise Automate uninstall n-able agent

ConnectWise Automate Control Centre Script to remove Advanced Monitoring (N-able) Agent

This blog will show you a step-by-step process of how a script (linked below) can help you uninstall the Advanced Monitoring N-able agent from all devices in your network.

Below is the command we can use as a batch file extension in script creation, and it will remove (N-able) Advanced Monitoring Agent out of all the devices.

start “C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Monitoring Agent\unins000.exe” /silent


Step by Step procedure to remove (N-able) Advanced Monitoring Agent using ConnectWise Automate

The user first needs to log in to Connectwise Automate > Automation > Script > View script > New > Script.



Main page: Name: Advanced Monitoring Agent Uninstall

Note: This script will uninstall Advanced Monitoring Agent on the specified computer.

Step 1: Select Function: Resend Software and select Save Step


Step 2: Select function: Execute the script and select Save Step

Script type: Batch

Script to Execute: start “C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Monitoring Agent\unins000.exe” /silent

Script Parameter: keep blank

Script Credentials: Run as Local Agent

Variable: keep blank



Step 3: select function: Resend Software and select Save Step


Step 4: Select the function: IF Software Installed and select Save Step

App Name: Advanced Monitoring Agent

Label to Jump to or Steps to Skip: !: Success


Step 5: Select function: Script Note and select Save Step

Remark : Success


Step 6: Select the function: Resend Process List and select Save Step

Step 7: Select the function: Resend Service List and select Save Step


Step 8: Select the function: Script Log Message and select Save Step


Message: Advanced Monitoring Agent uninstalled successfully.

Select “Save



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