Revamped Infrassist

A New and Revamped Infrassist

Who doesn’t like change? Who doesn’t like scaling? 

A revamp, a tweak is always a good idea, isn’t it?


We are elated, we are delighted and we are immensely honoured and proud to announce that we, Infrassist Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has undergone a revamp. 

We have a new colour, a new branding and a lot of new services to offer to our MSP Partners.



Why the change? 

The previous website didn’t have a lot of features that we used to offer. We talked about Microsoft Services to our prospects but we didn’t have any information about it on our website. How would people have trusted us? There was a huge misalignment in what we were saying and what we had on our website. 


We were already planning on adding new content and making the change, then why not try something new? 

There was a visible gap and that is when we felt the need to undergo a modification. Why not a facelift? That is when the marketing team felt the need to undergo modification and decided to jiggle things up.

infrassist transformation

The previous red colour that we had, wasn’t appealing when used on collaterals. Our graphic designer got to work and gave us a bunch of suggestions for logo colours. From all the colour combinations that we went through, we finally settled on this: 

infrassist technologies pvt. ltd


Why this colour? 

The idea behind this change is to make our website and collaterals look mild and professional. Additionally, we feel that we can be more approachable to companies, with Orange as our primary colour as opposed to the previous colour.

Orange is said to exude positivity, enthusiasm, excitement and warmth.  And the blue indicates stability and reliability.


New Services – Infrassist

We can’t exactly say that these are new services. We have served our existing partners with these services but convincing newer ones was a task. With the addition of these to the new website, we have categorized our services into the following 3 categories-


  1. Professional Services 

  • Microsoft 365 
  • IT Automation Services 
  • RMM Audit 
  • Firewall Audit 

2. IT Infrastructure Management 

  • O365 Admin
  • Azure Admin
  • RMM Admin
  • Firewall & Endpoint Admin  

3. Monitoring & Managing Support 

  • 24X7 NOC Support
  • Helpdesk Services 


A brief overview of the Services

Microsoft 365 – Under M365, we have Teams Adoption, SharePoint Migration, Power BI, Power Automate, Intune MDM/MAM, Autopilot, Azure, Identity and Access Management, Advanced Threat Protection, Data Loss Prevention, Tenant Level Features.

IT Automation ServicesDigitize your workplace as we automate your mundane IT Tasks via PowerShell Scripts, custom integrations through API, by leveraging Power BI and Power Automate

RMM Audit We perform an audit of the RMM Tool that you use so that you can optimize it for a better, more enhanced performance

Firewall Audit An audit of the Firewall tool so that you can check if it’s properly configured or not.

O365 AdminLeave the everyday O365 operations on us

Azure AdminTo help you leverage all of Azure’s future-ready cloud solutions

RMM AdminA dedicated RMM Admin

Firewall & Endpoint Admin A dedicated Firewall & Endpoint Admin

24×7 NOC Support24×7 NOC Support

HelpdeskFor quick and optimal IT Support and Resolutions


Infrassist’s mission has always been to provide our MSP customers deliver robust and reliable Infrastructure
management and security services. To deliver service excellence with Integrity leading to predictable outcomes. To build a team with passion, commitment and relentless customer focus. And this revamp, expanding our platter of services to provide MSPs with the best, is a step towards the same.

Our goal is to see businesses efficiently run their operations because of the difference that we made.

Here’s to more such endeavours and adventures to bring a change.

Infrassist Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is ISO 27001:2013 Certified

Infrassist Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is proud to announce that we have been certified with ISO 27001:2013 for the second consecutive year. This certification is proof of our persistent efforts to serve our clients and safeguard their data.  

The adoption and establishment of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) enable us to preserve confidentiality, integrity and availability of information by applying a risk management process. The system is a part of our organizations’ processes and overall management structure. This gives a surety to us, our customers and prospects that we have an appropriate system in place to ensure minimized risks and efficient management. The ISMS at Infrassist conforms to the standards and the processes in place are adequate for the risks identified. 

Our ISO 27001:2013 certification shows that we provide 24x7 superior Network Monitoring and Managed Security Services to clients for Data and Information Protection. 


What is in it for our clients? 

This certification ensures that our clients can count on us for the safety and security of their data, which is our utmost priority. Your data is in safe hands.

An ISO 27001 Certification helps us:

  • Keep confidential data secure and allows secure exchange of information. 
  • Minimize risk exposure 
  • Have a competitive advantage 
  • Show that we are consistent in our service delivery 
  • Protect the company, its assets, shareholders and directors 

However, we don’t stop here. We assure you that we will maintain this standard and go above and beyond to ensure that your data is safe. We also promise to continually improve our Information Security Management Systems and abide by its norms and specifications to retain the trust and exceed the expectations of our valuable clients. 

Besides, in case you want to view our ISO certificate, feel free to reach out to us.