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How to re-install N-Central agent without reconfiguration

Sometimes the N-central Agent gets corrupted, or the agent does not update after the N-central upgrade. This blog will teach you how you can re-install N-central agents on Servers and Workstations without having to reconfigure. The reasons why the agent stops communication could be because of technical issues or because it got accidentally uninstalled. You can choose to either reinstall it from the device on N-central-  works only if there is a probe set up for that site or if the IP address that N-central shows is the correct IP address for that device. Or you can go for the second option which is to re-install the agent using an activation key.

Solarwinds MSP renamed itself to N-able and N-central is their RMM tool.

Activation Key Method to reinstall N-central RMM agent

Open the device on N-central and go to Settings -> Local Agent
Download the Generic Agent installer from the path (circled in red below)


Run the downloaded installer and click on Next which will take you to the Agent Configuration. You will find the option for “Activation Key” on that page.

The Activation Key can be found on the same page from where the agent installer was downloaded. Click on the “Copy Activation Key” button and then copy the activation key from there.


Paste the copied activation key into the installer window (as shown below).


Once you do this, proceed with the further steps of the installer, as instructed.

The agent should be fixed on N-central as soon as the installation is done. It’ll be in the same configuration and setup as the original.


How can Infrassist help?

Infrassist is a Master MSP that provides monitoring and management support to its clients using RMM tools of vendors like ConnectWise, Solarwinds, Kaseya, Atera, NinjaRMM, Datto etc. Apart from that we also provide audit services for your RMM & Firewall along with ad-hoc projects surrounding M365.

Sreehari Kartha
Sreehari Kartha

Sreehari Joined Infrassist in 2013 as a NOC engineer. He currently works with us as a senior engineer and Tech lead specializing in Sophos XG and Sophos Central with extensive experience in Microsoft Office365, Servers, Exchange, and Anti-Spam Gateway solutions like Mimecast and SolarWinds N-able Mail Assure.

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